Saturday, November 12, 2016

New York Sheep And Wool Festival

I haven't been posting for such a long time. I was so busy this summer that I really couldn't keep up with it. I was trying to get money together to full fill one of my longest dreams to attend the New York sheep and wool festival in October.
I wanted to attend a felting workshop there and dive into a weekend full off sheep and wool.

Everyone was asking me why I wanted to attend a felting workshop since I've been felting for over 15 years, but it is always inspiring to see other teachers how they do things differently and how they teach. Plus I do not have much experience in felting with merino roving. With my figures I use short fibers as in merino bat. It would be a hassle building these figures with merino roving.
I just use it for their hair or as a finishing touch.
So I really had fun learning that to felt a bag with merino roving is not such a difficult and long lasting thing than I thought it would be. Cynthia Mollenkopf from artifelts was a wonderful teacher.

I definitely going to be back next year.  Here are some impressions:

Beautiful Hudson Valley!

Sheep getting ready for the show!

Even with a blow dryer :)

This sugar maple tree is so gorgeous!

This is the bag I made in the workshop!

I entered in the competition for small wet felted item.

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