Sunday, March 31, 2013

"The little Shepherd"

Dear readers,

I was out with my dog this morning and I walked by the field where my friend has their sheep and guess what I just saw three little baby sheep.
Jumping around in the snow. They must be born on friday. I had to felt this little shepherd with his lamb.
Just a reminder of all the little lambs with their cuddly soft wool!
There is also a children's book about him called " Das Hirtenbüblein" von Ruth Elsässer.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Dear readers, 
I hope you have  wonderful easter holidays many eggs to search for under the snow.
Here is a little tutorial . For Egg warmers to keep boiled eggs on the breakfast table warm and cosy! While you are out for the egg hunt!
They are fast to make and even for kids easy to do. So just a nice easter project for grey afternoons like today.

First you need to trace the pattern on to the material your template should be cut out of.
I regularly use foot fall sound insulation, that is the stuff that is used underneath a parquet floor, but you can also use milk carton for example or bubble wrap.

Next you have to layer your wool over your template covering the whole thing, remember to leave some overlap. Wet with soapy water and gently press down.  Turn template over, fold in the edges (overlap) and repeat to layer the center with wool. Wet again gently press down.
Then again cover on the same side the whole template  with wool this time with overlap!
wet, press down and turn . Don't forget to fold over the edges!!
Lay a layer wool in the middle. 
Now you should have two layers of wool on each side.
Use small amount of skin colored wool to cover up the face. When you are planning to do the sheep you need to lay uncombed wool onto your template as a last touch.
When you are done cover your project with bubble wrap, bubbles facing towards the wool! and start to rub gently. If the hands are not gliding  just wet the plastic with soapy water a little bit!
When the wool has shrunken and is tight around your template you can cut  it open and remove the inside.
Now you have to squeeze an roll the egg cozy for quit some time until it is quite durable.

Rinse until all the soap is out!

For the ears you just have to lay out two layers of wool in your desired color. ( 10 cm x 3 cm long)
Wet it , cover with bubble wrap and massage until it holds together.
Squeeze out the excess water and roll in your hands until it is firm.
Rinse in clear water!

With a hole punch in a small setting punch two holes in your animal. 
With a crochet hook get your ear stripe through. 
Cut in shape.

Stuff carded wool in your animal head and pinch with a felting needle the eyes and nose. 

The cheeks get a little rose touch with a water-color pencil, ribbon and finished!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

"Little Rabbit"

Dear readers this is "little rabbit"  a figure of an english children book I just found. 
I just love this little guy.
The book is called "Little rabbit LOST" from Harry Horse.

My other project for this week was a birthday present for a close friend who loves donkeys.

And here is the so far last picture of the root children under ground, before they hopefully climb up and come out. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The root children are sewing!

Dear readers,
I know the winter is long but I can assure you the little seedlings  are eager to come out and are busily sewing on their new little flower dresses. Almost done!
So we just have to be a little bit more patient spring is just around the corner!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Felting classes and more cows!

Dear readers the past two weeks I gave many felting classes so I just had little time to felt for myself or others. I gave a three day felting class in the south of Germany just below Nürnberg. Many wonderful things emerged. Especially many cow hand puppets came to live. Hopefully they got settled in their homes by now and  give inspirations  for more things to develop.
I got many new orders which I have to make more little flower children, more hand puppets cows, a Frog King, hops children with a hops mother and a big dwarf with two pair of shoes.
I will all show them to you when they are done in the next days, so you can be curios about it.