Sunday, May 19, 2013

Felt class in Liptingen

Dear readers,
I just got back from a three day felting class I gave down in South Germany near the Bodensee.
We started our trip  on sunday morning thinking that the roads will be empty.
We always plan our trips on sundays usually there is less traffic and no bothering trucks.
But this time right from the start the roads were packed.
Constructions and due to mother day and beautiful weather  every existing car of Germany seemed to be on the road.
It took us 15 hours to get there normal would have been 8.
We imagined where we could have been by then San Francisco by plane, spain by car, Norway....

Although the start was so miserable I had a lot of fun with my students and I think the results turned out  just great!

Here are some images of the class:

Me with some of the participants

A beautiful place to work!

The hobby-horse drying in the sun!

This guy is enjoying the look out!

Here I am helping with the face

A mole in the sun!

Here are all the results of three days work:

These are not felted!
Just very curious feathery guests!
I wish I will have a pair of these some day!
Ducks that eat snails!