Monday, January 4, 2016

The christmas elf! Der Weihnachtswichtel!

I know it is quite late to post this little christmas elf.
But I finished him finally just yesterday.
I planned to felt him much earlier, the plan was to post him right to christmas and wish everybody a wonderful holiday season!
I actually did felt  just the base figure
without the clothes much earlier, but then all the orders came in. 
No more time to finish what I had started.

The reindeer was already finished (no clothes) and waited paitently.
On the first day of christmas I finally had time to sit down and  relax but then the reindeer was looking at me reproachfully and remembered me that I had started this little elf for him.
I looked in the box where I usally keep the raw figures, no one there.
I started to clean my big work table I hoped  he would show up under the piles of wool.

Then I had nagging thaught, did I maybe used him for my orders?
But then I would have had to cut off his ears in order to use him, I could not remember doing this to any figure.
Then finally I already had given up, I thaught maybe he must have accidently gone into the trash.
I opened my old sewing box in search for a wing pattern for an angel.
There he was hiding!
So finally Rudolf has his friend!

I wish you all a wonderfull Happy New Year!