Sunday, May 22, 2016

Strawberry fields forever!

 Oh it has been quite some time since I posted here on my blog.
Since I started Instagram it is so easy just to upload a picture and be able to show what I am working on. The quality of the pictures are of course not the same since they are made just with my phone. But if you are intrested to see some of the  steps my figures have to go through
just go and look there :)
I have been very busy with more custom orders. 
Yesterday I recieved a really sweet one from my son Moritz who is 21years old.
He asked me if I could felt a flower fairy for his boss.
It is her birthday on monday and he had shown my work sometime and she liked it so he thaught he would give her one as a present.
 We both decided on a strawberry fairy.
I was really touched by his asking for it, often I think my children do not appriciate what I  am doing or understand the passion I have for felt since our whole living room is full of wool and sometimes their might be even some fluff in the dinner :)

While making the little fairy I had the idea of the little fairy boy, but that one is  just for me.
It goes on my little nature table in the kitchen;)

In my strawberry field in the garden!

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